Dainese is an Italian company founded in 1972 by its current President Lino Dainese. They provide active people with safety and protection from head to toe.

Dainese started with motorcycle gear and went far beyond: ever since ’95, the protective technologies it has developed for the safety of motorcycle riders have been applied to other sports as well.

The Dainese Safety Program (D-TEC), a research, development and technology centre staffed by doctors, engineers and technicians, was established in 1993. A fundamental contribution was provided by Dr. Costa’s Mobile Clinic, (D-Mobile) visiting racetracks around the world identifying and testing the latest innovations in the development of all its safety related projects. D-TEC develops the performance of technical riding apparel in a logical and consistent manner, not only with regard to leather suits, jackets and pants, but also with respect to all other textile and leather items, including gloves and boots.

Dainese uses its racing sponsorship program to research and develop new innovations through its sponsored riders in MotoGP. D-Air®, a highly innovative system for protecting motorcyclists based on a brand new concept of an airbag began in 2000. Dainese continues to lead with form as well as function, spearheading their approach with highly technical safety products, inspired by humans, which continue to offer a design, look and feel which is decidedly Italian.

Within racing and riding circles, Dainese is considered one of the most technical and protective brands in the world.